GreenWins® believes that a great idea has the power to change the world. This is why we develop projects in order to become true our major target: a sustainable future for everyone!

The technology developed by GreenWins ® is capable to combine two important areas of your company: sustainable development and marketing through smart terminals that interact with people in order to motivate them to dispose waste as a proper way for rewards like discounts, coupons or gifts. During this process, your company can also demonstrate your products, services, promotions, campaigns or only your brand.

All of this in a pleasant, fun and, the most important, SUSTAINABLE way.

We want, with our solution, to help the transition from a linear model of production of goods and services to a model of circular economy. We argue that, waste should wherever possible, be transformed, through innovation, into potential by-products or other materials, to promote its reuse.

There is a lot to do in order to educate users about daily recycling results. Do you know which is the GreenWins ® contribution in this process? Provide interactive and smart terminals.

The terminals


Our terminals are perfect for installing in public places with a high flow of people. The Premium version takes a little space and draw attention by the modern and interactive design This model of terminal is used for receiving waste of several types and sizes like batteries, expired medicine, etc.

Our products can communicate and educate the people about the advantages and benefits of correct allocation of such waste.

Your brand will be always in evidence!

Totem Greenwins


We are a multinational company that adopts an innovative way to associate sustainable development and marketing.

Our main product is a smart and interactive terminal capable of collecting and storing all types of recyclable waste. We believe that with this process, it’s possible to recycle 75% of all our waste.

Our objective is to get people to be sensitised and motivated, by a pleasant and interactive way, to contribute for the recycling of several types of wastes and at the same time, to be rewarded, immediately or later, for these actions This is our value preposition, a simple action which has a positive impact on people as well as businesses.

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