ideal for commercial establishments and small marketing actions.


suitable for malls or department stores where the number of customers makes the business case interesting. Each terminal is assigned to a type of material.


larger in size, it can accommodate up to 4 different types of materials. Ideal for department stores, exhibitions, fairs or other events. It can be installed in an external environment.


Container-type, it is capable of receiving all types of recyclable waste – up to 10. Can be installed in an external environment.

How can our terminals help your company?

• Interacting in a pleasant way with its costumers: strengthening of the brand, promotions, announcements, contests, games;
• Collecting strategic market data to drive your marketing campaigns;

An innovating concept of marketing and advertising:
• Intelligent, fun, interactive and efficient recycling terminals financed through advertising.
• The announcers define their advertising campaign for those who deposit recyclable material in the terminals.
• The announcer’s image benefits from the legitimacy of the concept which is based on the eco- friendly gesture that recycling represents.

GreenWins® offers advertisers the opportunity to:
• Develop more modern and elegant new advertising concepts;
• Display advertisements on the terminal`s screen, extremely targeted
• Change the announcements and dialogs depending on requirements
• Measure the impact of advertising on customers
• Customize the terminal with the advertiser`s brand
• Play an active role in sustainable development
• Collect user`s information

GreenWins® terminals features:

Type of material
Each terminal receives one type of material to be recycled (batteries, mobile phones, expired medication, coffee capsules etc.).

A touchscreen offers the advertiser the option of composing and displaying different messages and advertisements.

Centralized management system
A centralized management system allows the advertiser to check the status of their terminals and also to define time schedules for the advertisements and the dialogs on each terminal individually.

Alarm system
The automatic alarm system alerts the company responsible for the management of the terminal when it is full or out of order.

GreenWins® APP to register automatically
The customer can install his GreenWins® APP free of charge on his/her Smartphone and register. From then on, it will be recognized automatically by the terminal and will be able to directly deposit his/her waste.

The type and size of the receptacle depends on the needs of the advertiser and the material to be recycled.

Different features can be integrated at the terminals: smart card reader, barcode reader, printer and camera for the collected waste, automatic registration, etc.