Ideal for small waste and targeted marketing actions.


Perfect for shopping malls or department stores where the number of customers makes the business case interesting.


Larger in size and can accommodate up to 4 different types of materials. Ideal for department stores, exhibitions, fairs or other events. It can be installed out doors.


Container-type, capable of receiving all types of recyclable waste – up to 10. Can be installed out doors.

How can our totems help you achieve your goals ?

• Collect any recyclable/unwanted waste/objects;

• Offer unique media channel and “green tariffs”;

• Offer a variety of rewards, including loyalty points;

• Run CSR programs, educate, reduce carbon footprint, etc.;

• Reinforce your image in sustainable development and circular economy.

GreenWins™ offers advertisers the opportunity for targeted digital marketing

• Develop modern and elegant new advertising concepts;

• Display targeted content, using new technologies like AI;

• Generate qualified leads and increase sales;

• Measure the impact of advertisements on customers;

• Collect user information for business value creation.

GreenWins™ totems:

Type of waste to collect
Each totem receives one type of material to be recycled (batteries, mobile phones, expired medication, coffee capsules, plastic bottles, cans, cups, etc.). However, they can be adapted to be multi-waste purpose.

Large digital touchscreen is integrated in all models and is vital component of totems.

Centralized management system
A centralized management system allows to check the status of totems and to define time schedules for advertisements and dialogs on each terminal individually.

Alarm system
The automatic alarm system alerts when the collector is full or out of order.

GreenWins™ APP to register automatically
All GreenWins users have a possibility to install the GreenWins™ APP on a smartphone. The totem will recognize them, so waste can be deposited directly, skipping the first step.

The type and size of the receptacle can be adjusted to the needs of the client and the material to be collected and/or recycled.

Different features can be integrated at the terminals: smart card reader, barcode reader, printer and camera for the collected waste, automatic registration, etc.