REGISTER AND SEE THE BENEFITSBy following the step-by-step procedure, you can register, and answer questions related to sustainable development. This registration may generate immediate prizes or other future information.

DEPOSIT YOUR WASTEYou deposit your waste in our smart terminal, which can be customized according to the company that uses it. Remember, the more relevant the communication is, the more effective the campaign will be.

RECEIVE YOUR REWARD OR INFORMATIONAfter you sign up, and deposit the material to be recycled, you receive a reward determined by the advertisers or information about your benefits. The idea is to show that helping the environment is already something incredible, but winning a reward is even better.


If your company cares about sustainability, if it wants to appear in malls or large stores, if it organizes or participates in major fairs, exhibitions and events, if you want to engage your employees in internal marketing and build customer loyalty with campaigns that value sustainable actions, then GreenWins® is the best solution for you!

In addition to making a real contribution to the environment, our technology turns waste disposal into something fun and enjoyable, unlike other solutions that can be found on the market. Our varied models allow to collect used items such as electronic objects, batteries, coffee and tea capsules, PET, aluminium cans, expired medicines or any other material to be returned.


Regardless of the business model developed for your company, your brand will be associated with the most modern concepts of sustainability, valuing your business.

The consumer's reward at the time of waste delivery can range from small instant prizes such as caramel portions, candy, snack or even voucher discounts for using in other opportunities, such as a movie or theatre.

In addition, your brand will be directly associated with concrete actions focused on sustainable values, which will provide to your company a positive and responsible image.